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Surfing Board (SP112-E-2) 
Outdoor fitness equipment
Specifications: 1700x770x2000 (mm)
Functions: Strengthening cardiac and pulmonary functions, also the coordination of human body; improving blood circulation and digestive system;  exercising hip ioint and spine; good for the rehabilitation of lumbar muscles strain, functional hindrances of lower limbs, muscular atrophy, etc.
Instructions: Stand on the board with both hands holding the bars tightly. Move with the energy of legs from side to side, make the body swing like a pendulum.
According standards:EN957, EN1176, EN1177
Taiji Wheel (SP110-E-1) 
Outdoor fitness equipment
Specifications: 1760x1010x2000 (mm)
Functions: Developing the strength of shoulder muscles; improving the flexibility and agility of shoulder joints, elbows, wrists and strengthening cardiac and  pulmonary functions; good for the healing of frozen shoulder, functional hindrances and injuries of shoulder joints and elbows.
Instructions: Hold the handles with both hands and turn the wheel clockwise or counterclockwise slowly.
According standards:EN957,EN1176,EN1177
Waist Twister (SP109-E-1) 
Outdoor fitness equipment
Specifications: 1920x770x2000 (mm)
Functions: Improving the muscular strength of waist and abdomen; enhance the flexibility and agility of waist and each joint. good for the recovery of functional disorder of waist; reduce the lumbar muscular fatigue and physical fatigue. Burning the fat of waist and belly, good for body-shaping.
Instructions: Stand on the plate with both hands holding the handles tightly. Turn the waist from side to side.Caution: Do not release the handles and keep your body stable during doing exercises.
According standards:EN957,EN1176,EN1177
Waist&Back Massager (SP109-E-2) 
Outdoor fitness equipment
Specifications: 1760x860x2000 (mm)
Functions: Relaxing the muscles of waist and back, relieving the fatigue of body and accommodating body nervous system.
Instructions: Hold the handles, lean with back against the massaging bars tightly, and move the waist vertically or horizontally.
According standards:EN957, EN1176, EN1177
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